the backyard


Most of the pictures I've shared have been of the front perennial bed.  I think I may be partial to it because I started it as a new bed and I love seeing it mature but our backyard is actually a big part of what sold us on this house.

The beautiful stone walkways, the pond and the huge patio were all here when we moved in, as where multiple mature trees that provide wonderful summertime shade.

We have added and removed some in the three years we've lived here including this peach tree and a little vegetable patch which I have big plans to expand this fall.

I really admire those of  you who can be totally content with where you live.  I wish I could say I have always been one of those.

 I am more content now than I've ever been and I think it's been more of a conscious choice than an actual arrival at a destination.

I love it here in our little suburban cottage on Lemon Lane.  Not because it's the grandest place we've ever lived, not because it's acres secluded in a thicket of trees with rolling hills and a beautiful lake, but because I've learned contentment is an attitude within the heart.

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  1. You should be content ~ you have a lovely garden. A true retreat!

    Susan and Bentley

  2. It is just beautiful. I can see why it sold it to you.

  3. Your back is beautiful and that peach tree is something else with all that fruit.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  4. So right. I've come to the conclusion that it's whats within that helps us find true happiness.
    But, nevertheless, your yard is amazing.
    I love the stonework. And the peaches-I only wish we could grow them here.
    The whole place is lovely and I can see why you where sold on it!

  5. I, too, need to learn to be content where I am. We have a nice home with a great view and yet I always seem to harp on the negative, like how HOT it is in the summer and how our backyard gets no full sun!! I would love to have a backyard like yours with stone walkways leading to a lovely pond! OK, OK, my own non sunny least we can grow lots of shade plants, right? LOL! Thanks for the lovely post!! Jina

  6. Love your backyard - I want to find a chair and a book and hang out there! It is wonderful - thaks for sharing! Paula from Idaho

  7. Peach crisp! with vanilla ice cream!
    beautiful photos and even more - beautiful thoughts...Wherever I am in life...let me be content.
    It a good reminder for all of us, thanks!

  8. Contentment... love that idea! That's how I've felt the last few years and it's a wonderful feeling to ENJOY!

    Your peach tree is fabulous... I think ours will take many, many years to catch up!

    And do I spy one of my favorite garden habitants? A gnome perhaps?


  9. That little peach tree is very happy! Your backyard garden looks like a nice place to be content :) Happy Gardening ~ Jacque

  10. Very lovely... and contentment is a wonderful thing that so many are without in these days...I enjoyed my visit! Larry

  11. It is very lovely around your grounds....contentment is an attitude of the heart. Nice post.

  12. You are wise. Not just in thought but in installing a path with firm footing.

  13. Thanks for sharing your "sanctuary" at Fishtail Cottage's Garden party this week! love your back area & the what you've surrounded yourself with... xoxo, tracie

  14. Your garden is absolutely beautiful! Mine has gotten so shady that I now grow only shade tolerant perennials.

    I'm jealous! A peach tree loaded with fruit - fabulous!

    Have a great day,

  15. Somehow, I had missed this post. How wonderful to have a peach tree in your own yard. As for the tomatoes, I was tempted to pick the rosy red one. I put in a few tomato plants, but they certainly aren't at that stage! Patience...

  16. I can see why this would have helped sell you on the house. It is a sweet backyard, private, inviting, a haven from the crazy world that we live in.

    Being content where we are does much for our spirits and our health.

    Enjoy ~ FlowerLady


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