Zinnias in the Cottage Garden


It's that time of year when most of the garden has started to wane and the only plants left blooming are those flowers that can tolerate temperatures in the 90's and low 100's.  One of my favorite summer blooms that can do just that are zinnias.

Every spring I start several packs of seeds knowing that the time will come when all of the showy perennials will succumb to our Southern California heat and the garden will need a punch of color to carry me through until things perk back up in fall.

This year I reserved a few seeds to sow directly in the ground amongst my pumpkin vines and tomato plants in true cottage style.  It has been fun to see them pop up here and there in my little potager.  Not only do they look pretty but the pollinators love them and my veggies love the pollinators, so it is a definite win, win situation.

About the only drawback to planting zinnias is that they can be prone to powdery mildew so make sure you allow plenty of airflow to help hold it off as long as possible.  And be sure to discard the entire zinnia plant when you see signs of white on the leaves as it will spread to other zinnias in the area.

Given the fact that the seeds are inexpensive (even six packs of zinnia plants from the garden store only cost a few dollars), I know I will continue to plant them year after year.

What are some of your favorite heat tolerant cottage flowers?

xo, Patty

Here's the latest video of my cottage garden if you'd like to see the full tour...


  1. My Mother loved zinnias and it was the first flower I planted by seed when I was a little girl.

  2. I do love zinnias but always seem to plant marigold because they are so tolerant of the heat. However, I do think zinnia's are much prettier. I need to try to remember that next spring.
    Your garden is lovely Patty.

  3. Patty,
    I love Purity (white) & Envy(green) zinnias!
    However, this year, one of my Envy zinnias is a lovely purple hue!
    What a hoot!
    With our unseasonable rain, the purity zinnias have not yet arrived to blooms.
    My favorites for this side of the Prairie are Shasta Daisies & Purple Cone Flowers!
    Your garden zinnias are gorgeous!


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