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Good morning, I've missed being here.  I wish I had some exciting reason for being away but actually it's been rather quiet around here lately.

With all the mad sewing to open my Etsy shop finished, even my sewing machine has been rather still.   I started some new fall place mats over the weekend that I'm hoping to finish up today and then I have quite a bit of Christmas (yes, I said Christmas) sewing on my list so that constant whirrr of my machine will be filling the air soon enough.

We have been spending our Saturday mornings out at the soccer field watching my seven year old grandson play.  This is the age where the game starts making sense and they start developing the skills and mind set to set up plays and pass the ball so the games are actually quite exciting.  His team is doing well with no losses yet this season.

My garden is so sad looking right now.  The heat has been non stop for weeks now and with our drought restrictions here in California only the grass is getting regular watering.  We are expecting a break in the heat next week (cross your fingers) so I hope to get out there and dead head, weed and do a good general clean up in anticipation of a winter planting of cool season veggies.

My husband and I have been trying to be more intentional in building our marriage so we have been making a point of talking and spending moments together.  That's all I'm going to say on this subject for now as it deserves it's own post later.

As you can see, I finally put out my fall decorations.  This always spurs on a deep cleaning and it feels so good to have it all done.  I tried to go a bit more minimal in here but as I pulled out each little pumpkin it lead to the next one and so on.  I know the thing right now is to just add a few branches and a white pumpkin or two but I love the colors of fall and it makes me happy to see it displayed in all it's silky glory all over the house.

That's it for's it going with you?

xo, Patty


  1. Love your banners and touches of fall. Good for you sitting at the sewing machine-I haven
    t quite gotten there yet!

  2. I love your fall d├ęcor, even though I like the pale colors that are so popular now, I tend to prefer the saturated colors of Autumn. Your candy corn banner is adorable :)

  3. Good to hear somebody is giving their sewing machine some attention. I bought new one few months ago but room it's in is such a mess can't think straight to do any sewing in that room which is very small. Most people have walk in closets bigger than my sewing room, (we have small single wide).
    Need to do good cleaning/organizing in sewing room very soon. I tend to do lots of organizing in winter months when I can't work outside at all. Do more sewing also. Seems like I just drifted thru summer this year, being too lethargic for some reason. Can't stand too much heat in my old age.
    How fun you get to go watch your grandson play soccer. We used to go watch one of our grandson's play football and soccer but now he's an adult. Other two grandsons live in KY and one of them in college.
    Your Fall decorations look really nice, not too much. Per my hubs complaints have tried to pare down what I have out this year. We have small living room so can't get too carried away. In place of mantel we have shutter shelf I love finessing as often as I can get away with. Also have 4 shelves in corner of l/r I like to decorate but kept it down on them also. I have big box and bags of Fall decos but have noticed I do less every year. Gave all kinds of stuff to our local thrift store last year, they must have thought it was Christmas. Had been storing way too much and hauling it all over country when we moved but have been cutting down on some of decorations, gave Christmas last year (or maybe year before?) also. Now if I could just clear out our shed so hubs could work in there in winter (we live in western CO).
    Enjoy your week. Hope your Grandson's team keeps winning.

  4. Patty, I love the mantle. Your clock is very nice. Like that a lot. I know about cleaning when we decorate...that helps me get going at times. LOL. Wishing you and your family a great week. xoxo,Susie

  5. I look forward to your post about intentional marriage building.
    You have such a way with inspiring others.

  6. Love the fall decorations. I hope to put some of mine up this weekend :-)


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