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I know, I know, I have more than enough projects going already but I was browsing through Mollie Makes Crochet book and this granny square blanket stopped me dead in my tracks.

It is one of the things I have on my want to make bucket list (you have one of those, don't you?) and this one is so pretty and in just the perfect colors for my home.  They even match my pretty coffee mug which was a gift from my sweet sister in law for my last birthday.  I think she got it at Home Goods.

I used to crochet many moons ago but haven't picked up a hook in a very long time.

I am hoping it all comes back to me and I will be stacking up those squares in no time at all.  There is no pressure or deadline on this one.  My goal is late winter/early spring and since I need to make 120 of them that means roughly a couple a day for the next four months, give or take.

Obviously I did the math just for fun.  My creative outbursts at night vary greatly based on how tired I am, what's on TV or if I had one or two glasses of wine while I made dinner.

This will be a fun project just for me so when it's done, it's done.  My goal is just to finish it before it's too warm to use it next year.

I thought I'd take a minute and share a couple of pictures of my summertime mantel before I start transitioning to autumn decor.

I finished the big reorganizing project I started on Monday and now I know where all my Halloween/fall decorations are.  I think I'll wait another week or two to get started, right now I just want to take it easy...and sew.

Have a great labor day weekend!

xo, Patty


  1. Your room is looking great.

    Winter is when I crochet.

  2. The colors you use in decorating are so cheerful and bright. I love the look! I wish I could crochet, that blanket is lovely. Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

  3. Love, love your mantel and I agree with Kathy that the colors are wonderful.

  4. Oh how pretty!!! The afghan, and the mantel!! I love doing squares, because it is a great take with you kind of project. I literally made my Maybelle flower afghan on the go. Mostly in the care, while waiting for Noah to get out of school, in the long pick up line. And also on car trips, and vacation. Go for it. You will be amazed at how fast it comes back to you. Just like riding a bike!
    xo Kris

  5. I have that book too! I too have been organizing and wanting to make a granny square blanket! great minds think alike! I just posted a bunch of granny squares yesterday. Those are definitely your colors. Great idea and I will be checking back to see progress. We need to keep each other honest! LOL!

  6. Oh that afghan is gorgeous! I have tried many times to crochet and just can't seem to get the knack for it. I love your mantel pennant too.,

  7. That will be a gorgeous afghan - and I love the colours of the mug.

  8. Gorgeous afghan! I love the look of granny squares, but really hate dealing with all the yarn ends. Is there some kind of secret that I don't know?

  9. I was going to ask you were you got your cute mugs, Patty, now I know!
    I'd love to do a grannie square blanket too, but fear I'm not that advanced
    of at crocheting yet. I love the pretty colours.

  10. That afghan just pops! I keep saying I'm not an orange lover, but mixed in with your colors, I do love it! The deep aqua, oranges and yellows really catches my eye. I love the crocheted blanket on the cover of Mollie's book too. I will have to see if I can track that book down! I usually crochet in the winter too.. love it and it's so addictive. Once I start I can't stop.

  11. Hi! Your mug is so beautiful! Delicious colours and that blanket is really wonderful! x Teje

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  13. Pretty! The good news is that granny squares are sooooo easy to make. It'll all come back to you and you'll be whipping them out in no time. Have fun!

  14. Can't believe how well the mug matches that crochet! No wonder it caught your eye ; )


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