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I know I've mentioned before that one of my dreams is to start selling my handmade wares at local craft shows and marketplaces.  Unlike my normal mode of operation, I have really been researching and planning this next venture for my creative work.  (Normally I'm just a jump right in and figure it out later girl).

One of things I'm doing is traveling to vintage, handmade events, taking notes and deciding if what I do fits at that particular marketplace before putting together a presentation, filling out the application and shelling out the entry fee.

Earlier this month I traveled South 75 miles to check out the Queen Bee Market.  I really liked the eclectic mix of vendors.  Now I wish I'd taken more pictures to share with you.

I loved seeing how the booths were set up and imagining how I will set up my own space.  For me that's half the fun...creating your own little piece of vintage/handmade heaven.

I even got to chat with one of my favorite artists Stephanie Ackerman and purchase one of her hand painted zipper bags that I'll share with you a little later.

So, do you like going to craft fairs and vintage market place events?  What kinds of things do you go looking for?  I'd love to hear...

xo, Patty


  1. Oh- I loved going there right along with you. I am always hunting for SOMETHING and it changes from time to time. I love little benches right now. Can't wait to see your zipper clutch. xo Diana

  2. I WISH there was something like that around here. There is one that happens every year that is put together by a big production company at the local fairgrounds, but I would love to find one put on by a blogger. I'm not aware of any like that. Having said that, we do go to the one at the fairgrounds every year and we love it. I've found some great items in the past and this year we have some specific things we want to look for. I think you would have a lot of fun being a vendor at one of these!

  3. Oh what fun! (I'm wishing you'd taken more pics too) :-)
    Good luck on your new venture...hope you can find a good fit!

  4. Patti,
    "Mr. Ed" and I took the plunge and we do a Spring and Fall Market Show in Wichita, Kansas.
    I began going a few years ago, but was still employed and that created conflicts on many levels.
    Now that we are both retired, we have the time and the energy to make~n~take merchandise.
    I liked your past theory, just jump in. . .however, I draw out the booth space arrangement
    many times over until I feel comfortable with all the placements. I also, set up "mock" vignettes
    in Studio One weeks before the event to make sure my viewers and followers "like" what I'm doing.
    Our Spring Bit's 'n Pieces booth was a HUGE success and we are already creating and designing
    inventory for the Fall booth.
    The event here is titled Unique Antique Market. We are the Unique with a piece or two of the Antique.
    If you visit my blog look for Bit's 'N Piesce in the Archives. There are also photos on my Facebook Page.
    I say. . ."Follow Your Heart."

  5. My kind of weekend :) Your photos are so pretty,thank You for the pleasure.Denise

  6. Some people have such a way of creating charming booths. I think that helps sell things. If its pretty, then people want to replicate that by taking it home. Hope you do well

  7. I do like to go to vintage markets. I think the booth set up is very important! I used to think I wanted to do this too. But then when we held our boutique last year, we were all so exhausted that we had to rethink it.
    xo Kris

  8. I do, I do, I do. Good luck. One day I would love to trace myself.

  9. I was at this great place last week. Downstairs as you enter, you check-in your coats and bags. Then you take the elevator up to this space that was so amazing.
    reception hall

  10. I'm not into craft fairs (tend to see the same things), but I love vintage markets. I'm usually not looking for anything in particular, but always hoping to find some kind of little "treasure" that just happens to catch my eye.


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