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We are headed into another week of 90 degree weather and it's only early May.  Thankfully we had a really pleasant April with nice mild temperatures and I was able to get out in the garden and work the soil.  My cool season veggies are in and I have already started harvesting the earliest of them to produce, these radishes.

I am not a fan of radishes but my husband is and they are such an instant (well, almost instant) gratification vegetable that I love putting their seeds in the ground early.

These are a french variety and have a rather long tubular shape to them.  My husband says they are the best tasting I have ever grown.

Since they are a cool season vegetable and I live in Zone 9 climate, I constructed a shade covering to protect them from the intense afternoon sun and it seems to be doing the trick so far.  I will plant a new crop every couple of weeks through May and hopefully will continue to harvest them through June, depending on the weather.

I have two small raised beds tucked into a corner of the yard.  One for vegetables (I also put in a couple of tomato plants, sugar snap peas, cucumbers, strawberries and cilantro) and one for cutting flowers.

I have already picked a few strawberries and have lots of small tomatoes that should be ready to harvest soon, as well.  I find my time in the garden so relaxing both mentally and physically and picking fresh food for the table from a small plot of ground is such a happy bonus. 

What about you, have you had a chance to get your hands dirty in the garden this spring?

xo, Patty


  1. Those look great Patty! I didn't put in radishes this year. I like them though. Especially shaved really thin, and on sandwiches.
    I have been spending a lot of time in the garden too. I love it!
    xo kris

  2. The radishes look very nice. As a kid I would eat them like crazy...now I can't even remember the last one I ate, it's been years. My husband hates cucumbers, but loves pickles. Too funny. xoxo,Susie

  3. IThese radishes are so pretty! I got a late start on the garden and am now fighting with , what I assume,. to be the largest and meanest gopher on the plant. I do find it soothing to be out there.

  4. You're radishes look amazing! I love them with lemon and kosher salt. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I did plant parsley seeds today. Other than that, just weeding and watching the volunteer seedlings from last years garden grow. We are under volunteer water restrictions cutting 25 % of use. It makes it hard to figure out what to save and what to let go, like the lawn. If the drought continues through next winter, we'll all be in trouble. Take care,

  6. I have never seen radishes like that before. They are lovely and are great in a salad. I even just like eating them sliced up with a little salt. I was able to have tomato plants that really flourished this year. Lots of pretty little tomatoes that tasted better than anything you could ever buy in the grocery store. Of course now, our temps are hitting 100 and above and it is dusty sometimes so hard to keep anything alive. I would love to try and do more container gardening this coming winter (in December :) -- have never grown anything from seed before. Seems there's lots that can be done quite easily. Have a wonderful Saturday. Tammy

  7. Radishes always makes me think of my sweet momma!! Oh how she loved them!! :). Yours are beautiful!! xoxo

  8. I would love a small garden that would provide all the ingredients for a delicious salad. Wish I had your green thumb . . .


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