Welcoming Spring - 9 Things I Want to Accomplish this Week


Spring is in the air and I for one am ready to welcome it with open arms.  

It has been a long cold and rainy winter here in the Southern California desert.  Don't be fooled by the old song, it does indeed rain here and when El Nino happens through, it rains in record numbers.  

The upside to all that water is the lush green spring we have in store for us.  The ranunculus are already putting on a spectacular show and I am having trouble keeping them cut fast enough to ensure they continue providing blooms for as long as possible.  Ranunculus are one of those flowers that actually produce more flowers the more you clip them.  

I decided to make a weekly to do list to help me stay on top of all the things I want to accomplish in the next couple of months and thought it would be fun to share it with you.  Partly for encouragement and partly for accountability.

If you are like me, it can be easy to let things slide until tomorrow but that can quickly turn into next week, next month or next season and before you know it you are living in clutter and cobwebs with no creative energy or desire.

If you're game, grab a notebook or planner and join me.  Ready? 

Here's my list for this first week of April...

1. Clean the baseboards and ceilings. (Did I mention cobwebs?)

2. Shred and divide the cheese that I took out of the freezer when I cleaned it out last week and plan menus to use it up before it goes bad. (I use the attachment on my Kitchen Aid when I have a lot of cheese to grate.)

3. Wash and change out my daily aprons.  The ones from Christmas are still hanging on the hook.

4.  Figure out a better way to store my empty canning jars as we are all tired of listening to them clang together on top of the dryer.

5.  Plant my pepper plants on Thursday, after this last cold front moves through.

6. Head to the nursery for bedding plants to freshen up the topiary containers.

7. Move the Iceland poppies since I can't seem to stop whatever creature sneaks into the garden at night and eats the flowers right off the stems.

8. Organize my craft table and rolling cart.  The area I currently have designated doesn't inspire me to create.  Having my most used supplies on the rolling cart will allow me easily transport my things to work at the dining room table where the natural light shines in.

9.  Sew up my garden stool cover and table topper for my garden side table.

The list may seem long but most items will only take 15 minutes or so.  I have them spread out over several days this week so hopefully this will motivate me and help me stay on track!

What did you come up with? Share it with me in the comments and we will meet back up here next week and see how we did.

Have a wonderful first week of spring! Get outside, listen to the birds, inhale the fresh air and behold the beauty of the fruit tree blossoms!

xo, Patty

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