Friendships and The Art of Pie


When we moved last winter I quickly discovered how much I would miss my community of girlfriends and our planned times of togetherness. Making new friends as we age is certainly more difficult than when we have young children and there are natural meeting points like school pick ups and little league fields. 

I soon realized that without these built in gatherings of women I was going to have to get creative in finding my new community of local friends.

What I did have nearby was family. So in my typical type A (read pushy) way I set about creating intentional get togethers to do the things that I missed doing plus a few I always wanted to do. 

And so what I affectionately call the "Granny Skills Club" was born.

Once a month I get together with my mom, sister in law and niece and we practice or learn a new skill together. We have learned water bath canning, basic quilt making, sewing an apron, preserving lemon curd and this week we are taking on the perfect pie crust, just in time for our holiday baking.

My niece gifted me with Kate McDermott's gorgeous book, Art of the Pie and it seemed fitting that we take our lesson from her. We are attempting her traditional all butter crust and quintessential apple pie filling this week. She offers both a handmade and food processor addition of the all butter crust and we will be trying them both.

I love the idea of coming together as women. In days gone by this would have been a normal thing to do as a community. Whether it was around the quilting table or cutting board these gatherings were the place where life's joys and concerns were discussed and advice and encouragement were given.

I believe these in person gatherings are needed now more than ever. As we four come together around the kitchen table we are gaining so much more than new skills, we are gaining the community built around doing them together. And that just might be the biggest reward of all. 

xo, Patty

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  1. I love this idea, Patty! I wish I was in the area and could sit in the circle with you. It's tough to find time to actually gather women together these days. Everyone seems to be so busy, with little margin.


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