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Is it weird that I love the day before Thanksgiving almost as much as Thanksgiving Day itself?  I think it's the anticipation of what's ahead.  The food and family and memories to be made.

Today is pie making day for me.  In my ongoing quest to master the art of crust making, I am trying the half butter, half shortening version making sure to use ice cold water and to chill the crust a half hour before assembling the pies.

I am making a pumpkin pie and a pecan pie for tomorrow.  Last year I tried a chocolate pecan pie and while it was good, it didn't quite seem the same.  I figure if I only make pecan pie once a year I'll stick with the classic version.  As for the pumpkin, I just use Libby's pumpkin pie mix in the can instead of adding my own spices to real pumpkin but my family thinks it's delicious that way so I'm good with that.

Now on to this weeks fashion challenge (which by the way has seriously cut into my consumption of pies)...

The challenge pieces were a white blouse, khaki pants, denim jacket and leopard flats.  Since we've been enjoying gorgeous weather in the upper 70's and low 80's, (I know, don't hate) I went with a denim vest instead of the jacket.  I added a mustard tank and the blue polka dot scarf.  I'd hoped to take a few more pictures this week but time just got away from me.  I'm sure you know how that goes.  Please take a minute and visit the other fashion challenge bloggers joining in at the link below.

Now it's your turn...  Any pie or fashion chatter on your mind?

xo, Patty

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  1. It's in the high 20's here today, so I am layering. With barn chores, I have to think before I dress. If I don't have appointments of errands, it's pretty much simple clothing for me. I wore a sweater yesterday, and silver jewelry. Hubby asked what the occasion was, ha ha! I don't make many pies for the holidays. We love to make Cherry Delight. A family tradition.

  2. Patty, Your crust should be perfect. I love the polka dot scarf with the grommets on the vest...perfect match. You are so cute too. Wishing you a blessed thanksgiving. xoxo,Susie

  3. My mom is the homemade pie maker in our family. Always has been! I think she's made every kind possible. My favorite of hers is French Silk Chocolate. She's making classic pumpkin pie for tomorrow's dinner. I've actually never attempted a homemade pie! Love to bake cookies, brownies, crumbles, cakes, that sort of thing - but I'm not very good at making anything that requires a good dough or crust like pies or biscuits. Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Pie is my favorite! I could eat it every day of the week. My dad is making buttermilk pies. :)

    Are you doing the Winter Challenge? Can't wait for it to start.

  5. You look great. Happy ThanksgivinG.

  6. I always make an egg custard pie that was my mom's favorite! I am excited for Thanksgiving. There isn't anything wrong with canned pie filling. I think spices are what makes pumpkin pie so great...just like all the pumpkin spice lattes and things that use the spices, but not necessarily pumpkin. Enjoy your baking!!

  7. You look gorgeous Patty!! I know the weather is nice, but I want cold and rain!! I hope yournThanksgiving is perfect!
    XO Kris

  8. Patty, I seriously need to talk to you about pie crust. I found the best, easiest pie crust in the world. I am not kidding. No rolling out. The crust is made right in the pie pan. I have now made three pies this way and will NEVER do it the hard way again. Here is the link for it, seriously, you will be nervous when you see how easy it is because you won't believe it can be that simple. Perfectly flakey crust. I double the recipe for one large pie. Trust me on this.

  9. Patty,
    LOVE your fashion and your pie choices, dear friend!!!
    Have a blessed Thanksgiving!


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