a little halloween in the house


I normally don't do much decorating inside for Halloween but this year I was inspired by all the fun displays I have been seeing online.

And my newly painted white hutch provided the perfect backdrop for a little spooktacular decor.  Not too much as I got a late start and most of the Halloween stuff is gone by labor day...but just enough to get us all in the fun spirit of the holiday.

My grandson helped me spookify the front porch with spider webs, bugs and all manor of creepy, crawly things and I'll be back to share all that fun with you later in the week.

What about you do you decorate for Halloween or is yours more of a fall display?  Have you posted your pics somewhere?  Invite me over for a virtual tour, I'd love to come see.

xo, Patty


  1. As I've matured (got old) LOL. I don't decorate much anymore. I have never been one for Halloween but do more harvest. That way I can leave it up through Thanksgiving. You are more then welcome to come over but I think it will be a few miles, another LOL!! I promise I will have some pumpkin spice bars ready, plus coffee or tea!!! Have a great day!!

  2. all my decor is on instagram :) yours looks awesome!

  3. Hi Patty :)
    I like your bit of Halloween- yes, you see it so well in your white hutch. Very nice!
    I never decorate for Halloween myself- I much prefer just having 'harvest' or 'fall' decor about so I can keep it up longer. My oldest son's b-day is only a week before Halloween, so I've always been too busy with birthday parties to give it much thought . . . and I'm honestly not too big on all the creepy 'dead' stuff. I do love jack o' lanterns though! :)

  4. Patty, All your things looks so nice. I love the shelf decorated like that. The turkey cup is so darn cute. I'd love one myself. :):) xoxo,Susie

  5. I do very little that could be catergorized as Halloween. Don't like the gory stuff. I've tried to keep things a little more simple this year. Love your hutch!

  6. We love Halloween here at our house. I haven't taken any new pics this year but if you look at my past blog entries, you can see some of my decor. I love what you have done with your hutch. So festive! Kit

  7. I don't put out much Halloween anymore, but still have a few favorites here and there. I have abundant fall decor otherwise and love it since I always host Thanksgiving. Halloween is so exciting for kids and how fun to decorate with your grandson :-)

  8. I have never been a huge fan of Halloween, and with the kids all grown up and gone I don't bother anymore. My decorations are all natural autumn and pretty low key.

  9. You've got some nice little accent pieces there.
    We basically decorate for Fall, and then add a few pieces in for Halloween and switch those pieces out for Thanksgiving.
    Just a few adjustments here and there.
    Fall is my favorite time of year, so with pumpkins, gourds, Fall leaves, etc... there is plenty to enjoy.

    Smile :)



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