Learning to Guard My Tongue


Did my opinion bring them closer to Christ Jesus?

Am I alone in my struggle in guarding my tongue? When to speak and when to stay silent? Not just in politics or current events but general advice and opinions as well.  It's not just about having the proper ingredients necessary to produce a sweet word but if we fail to measure our words properly they can fall flat.

We can have differing opinions and be quite passionate about them. We can share them to bring awareness and knowledge to others, we can challenge opinions but if at the end of it we have not shown them Jesus or even worse been a poor representation of His grace and love, then we have lost much more than an argument.

As I type these words (of which I am guilty) the justification is already forming in my head...but they are wrong..
.but they were condescending to me...but they were unkind...but they need to know the truth...but they are in danger.

Speaking out is necessary for instruction but there is no justification for omitting love. None of it matters if we have not shown them Jesus. Sharing an opinion in and of itself is not bad and in some cases needed to avoid harm but how we share it can be toxic. To them and to us. We must be extra diligent in these times to watch our tongues. I know the enemy is having a field day with mine.

“If I have the gift of prophecy, and know all mysteries and all knowledge; and if I have all faith, so as to remove mountains, but do not have love, I am nothing.” 1Cor 13:2

(I am not claiming to have the gift of prophesy but quoting this verse in dispensing knowledge in general.)

Do you have this struggle as well?  What verse comes to mind to help you think before you speak?

xo, Patty

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  1. Great words of advice Patty. Sometimes it SO hard to not say something. I fail often. Take care my friend.

  2. Patty, I definitely feel the same way! Emotions and opinions have become something we are all very free with, these days. Something I've been reminding myself of lately is that the Bible says that the lost are spiritually blind and everything having to do with God is foolishness to them.

    When I get so frustrated with the direction this country is going and the evil being forced upon us, I pray and ask the Lord to open their eyes.

    We can't expect the lost to see things the way we do, because they are deceived and everything we believe in is foolishness to them.

    I think I've also accepted the fact that I don't have to do God's job. I can't. It's too big. I trust that he'll use me when he needs me and it will be supernatural when he does. I won't have to force my opinion because it will have God's strength behind it. Does that make sense?

  3. So glad to see you on your blog - as well as IG! Your thoughts are always encouraging and a blessing to me!!

  4. I had no idea you were blogging. I just noticed you on a sidebar of someone else and popped over. I guess
    I missed the hair transformation. It is just gorgeous. Donn't you love it? I let mine go right after I turned 40 and I really wonder why we fall into the trap of thinking it will make us look older. It is healthy looking and so flattering on you.
    Now for the verse that comes to mind ---the verse about being a stumbling block. I think we need to be careful with words. I often think the day we moved away from the curtain that closed when you voted and introduced yard signs we became enemies with people we had no idea we should not like.


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