Bounty from the Garden -,A Gift Basket


One of the wonderful things about having a garden is the ability to gift friends and family from your abundance.  It doesn't matter if you are a vegetable or flower gardener or if like me, you have a bit of a potager going on in the backyard, giving to others is such a great way to spread the joy being in the garden brings to you.

Living in Southern California (zone 10a) the winter months are prime cool season vegetable weather and that means an abundance of leafy greens, brassicas and root veggies.  This year I am having wonderful success with cabbage and finding ways to use it has become a bit of a challenge.  So, I thought it would be the perfect time to put together a little (large) gift basket for my sweet niece who loves juicing and feeding her family healthy meals.

After picking and washing the greens and herbs, I separated them and tied them up with simple twine.  Next I needed a vessel to deliver them in and found the perfect one in an old basket I had in storage.  I added a white bar towel and started layering from the largest bunch to the smallest.

Once I had it all tucked in I added a jar of my pretty handmade soap and a bit of my sourdough starter, which I knew she would appreciate and use regularly.

Such a simple idea, and it cost me nothing but the time to gather together and make it special.

What a perfect way to bless someone in your life, sharing what you have in abundance.  So now it's your turn.  What is it that you have in excess either collected, grown or hand made, that you can gift and encourage another with?  Let's make the year of 2019 a giving one.

Trust me, you will be just as blessed as they are.

xo, Patty

I put together a video garden tour on my YouTube Channel.  I'd love to have you take the tour and subscribe for more.


  1. Such a wonderful gift and beautiful pictures too!

  2. Patty,
    This time of year, I crave fresh garden greens!
    Such a blessing to have a garden with fresh produce straight to your table!


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