We are settling into fall here at the cottage.  The days are getting shorter and the temperatures are finally dipping down providing for the most glorious time outside.  For those of us in mild climates, autumn is the perfect time to tackle garden projects that were just not possible in the heat of summer.

Here on Lemon Lane that means my long awaited potager kitchen garden is finally being hardscaped and I am totally smitten already.

After much debate we finally decided on a stone border with pea gravel pathways.  It's only in it's beginning stages but I think it's going to blend the best of both worlds.  The curving pathways give me the casual cottage feeling that I love and the pea gravel ties it in beautifully with my husbands more formal garden space.

I am itching to get my cool season vegetables planted and have been busy amending the soil in the future garden beds but just knowing that it's happening is enough, even for this impatient garden girl...for now.

In the meantime, I cleaned up the perennial bed, added fresh mulch and am squeezing the last few blooms out of the flower garden.  There is a quietness in the garden as summer winds down.  With the beds tidied up and the perennials trimmed back, it's time for the plants (and this gardener) to rest and recharge before the next season begins.

xo, Patty

If you'd like to see potager kitchen garden, here's the link to my YouTube video garden tour.  If you are not a subscriber to my channel, take a peek around and hit the subscribe button if you like what you see.

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  1. That is already lovely! You have such a great start on the thing---not too much more to do. What a fun project. xo Diana

  2. Patty,
    Amazing transformation taking place, dear one!
    This year, I've begun to spend more time out~of~doors
    and am enjoying making a few changes within the Gardens On Crooked Creek.
    Thank you for sharing your lovely Casual Cottage Garden!


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