I love all the pretty and oh so hard to resist seasonal things that show up (three months ahead of time) in Hobby Lobby, the dollar spot at Target and The Dollar Store but I find as the years go by there is only so much holiday decor I can display and store.

So what's a seasonal decorating girl supposed to do?  Here are my top five suggestions for keeping your holiday decor festive yet simple.

1. LIMIT WHERE YOU DECORATE - I limit where I add seasonal decor to just a couple of key areas like our large white dining room hutch, the kitchen table centerpiece and a tray arrangement on the buffet.

2.  FOR EVERYTHING I PURCHASE I HAVE TO ELIMINATE ONE THING - This one is hard and fast.  If something comes in...something else goes out.

(The star garland is available in my etsy shop.)

3.  ONLY ONE STORAGE TOTE PER HOLIDAY - With the exception of Christmas and Thanksgiving, I allow myself to store only what fits in one plastic tote per holiday.  I will admit that some holidays have a larger tote than others but if the lid doesn't close, I need to purge.

4.  TUCK DECORATIONS INTO EXISTING DISPLAYS - I don't remove everything from our hutch or buffet display when I add my seasonal decor.  I find that adding key items like a flag for 4th of July, can give the whole arrangement a festive look.

5.  THINK AHEAD ONE SEASON - I always think to what season will follow and use items that will transition into the next.  For summer I love sunflowers and fresh fruit so I used them in my Patriotic displays so that when I remove the stars and stripes the areas will simply need to be filled in and not totally changed out.

By sticking to these simple rules I can happily change a few things out for whatever season comes next without breaking the bank or disrupting the entire household with totes and knick knacks out of place for days on end.  I save that torture for Thanksgiving and Christmas, at which time the rules go right out the window.

I hope you found this helpful.  If you did, let me know in the comments, pin this on pinterest or share it on facebook.

xo, Patty

Here's the link to my Patriotic Dining Room Tour on YouTube.  I'd love to have you go over and subscribe and give me a quick hello!


  1. Your decor is charming as usual. If only I could follow your rule - “ If something comes in...something else goes out.”

  2. I'm a silent follower of you channel... I love that..

  3. Nice Patty! Your Summer garden tour was fabulous! The yard is looking so pretty!!
    xo Kris

  4. Looks so pretty and festive. Perfect for this time of the year.


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