I may be weird but I love spring cleaning.  There is something about taking things apart and getting into all the nooks and crannies that seems to ready me for a new season.  I started a series on my YouTube channel called Room by Room - Refresh and Restyle and I've been systematically going through each room in my house and giving it a good cleaning and then reorganizing it and making it pretty...all on a budget of course.

I started with our master bedroom and am now on to the laundry room.  It feels so good as each task
is finished and it really is giving me a new love and appreciation for our little cottage and all it's "charming" imperfections.

Someone asked me what I was going to do once I finished all the rooms and I had to laugh because we all know it is never really "done", is it?  There's always going to be one more project and another room to purge and reorganize all over again.  But that's what keeps things fresh, right?

So what about you?  Are you a spring cleaner?  Have you gotten started with the deep stuff yet?

xo, Patty

Here is a link to my master bedroom reveal video and the whole process will be linked in the youtube video description box.  If you're not a subscriber to my channel, I'd love to have you subscribe here.


  1. Patty, I like the pretty color of your bedroom. I like when my house is clean...I just hate being the one cleaning it .LOL If I could just get Ted to think ...I would not have so much work. He bring saw dust in on his clothes....makes me crazy. I tell him...we have to be the two dirtiest people on earth. LOL. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  2. I love cleaning too.. [I know weirdo for].. I absolutely love the covered piece behind your bed.. Lovely fabric, and the colors look so well with your stuff.. Did you make this? ENjoy your spring cleaning. I am battling asthma right now.. as soon as it breaks, I am going to get going with the spring cleaning.. I have been doing small drawers and little things, until I can get going for real. smile.


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