craft studio - day two, organization


When my daughter walked into my craft studio after the re-org, her first comment as she took it all in got a lot of stuff!  She is so right, I am not going to try and deny it or even begin to justify it (I am sure there is some deep psychological need behind it all)...I have a lot of stuff!

Believe it or not I have pared it down recently and given some away.  I feel like what I have right now are all things that I use on a pretty regular basis...or plan to use soon...

I have developed a system of stations for different crafts, trying to group items together for easy access.  Fortunately for me when we moved in here six years ago I inherited this built in bookcase which is the workhorse of my craft studio.  It holds the majority of my supplies with the exception of paper, fabric and buttons which I'll show you tomorrow.

So heres the breakdown...

The brown crates hold all my glues, glue guns and my heating tool.  The stacked boxes contain crinkle ribbon, small cuts of lace and misc. fabric charm packs.  The red and blue buckets hold tags and vintage embroidered hankies and next to my craft book and magazines are a few of my vintage sheets.

These storage boxes are labeled and hold all the little things I use for paper crafts.  The stack of books on the top shelf are old music paper, one of my (vintage) grammar school math books and and old dictionary that I use for mixed media.

Top shelf - smaller cuts of batting, misc. unfinished projects in all the baskets, the large suitcase on the top shelf holds stamps.

Paint brushes, sculpting tools, copic markers, washi tapes, and colored pencils...

Top shelf - The muffin tins hold my beads and jewelry supplies, the blue case is full of craft paints.  Middle shelf holds threads and pins and the pink box contains my stamp inks and alpha stamps.  The jars contain zippers and vintage thread spools.

My tool caddie,  household notebook (I'll show you what I keep in there another time) and day planner, the small boxes hold sewing needles and Velcro.

The vintage make up case contains tulle, vintage wallpaper and a bit of velvet.  The old fishing box is used for my teaching supplies.

So there you have wall of stuff.  This is the most practical storage area in my space and I have plans to change out some of the more utilitarian storage containers for pretty ones in due time.

If you stuck with me this far, thanks.  I will be back to share more of my studio tomorrow.

xo, Patty


  1. Congratulations on getting it all organized. Mine needs to be done too. I look around and feel like I should just pitch it all just to get it clean. You are an inspiration :)

  2. It looks F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S. Really, Patty, you did a great job. Love it. Susan

  3. What fantastic storage! I LOVE seeing other people organize their creative spaces. I enjoyed my visit!

  4. I am very envious of your built in bookshelves . . . how perfect for an art studio! It looks lovely :)

  5. Patty - you do have a lot of stuff, but then, us crafters usually do. But, yours is so organized!! Great job!


  6. It's a wonderful space for creating! I love the wall of shelves and cupboards that hold and showcase all of your supplies. I "lose" things all the time, because I can't see them in my room. I am sure enjoying your craft studio makeover!!
    xo kris

  7. What a great space to create your lovelies!

  8. Great job, Patty! Thanks for the inspiration...I know my org is going to be a huge daunting task and it's quite a busy month. But keep posting...keeps me motivated ;o)

  9. Getting it all organized is a real task. You'll feel great when it's done. I want to reorganize my stuff, too. So much stuff, yet I do use it all. Thanks for posting and inspiring me.

  10. Good morning Patty, your space looks so pretty . . . if you lived closer I would get down on my knees and beg for your help. So instead, I'm going to take an even slower look at all of your photos and get some more ideas and inspiration. Great job!
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  11. Wow Patty.....just wow. You inspire me!

  12. I love this. Everything is so beautifully organized!

  13. Patty,
    I adore all the organization. . .and the fact that you know where everything is stored for use!
    Crafting items are NOT inexpensive...
    so having those readily at your fingertips helps keep cost to a minimum
    by not re~purchasing something you already have during project time!
    Are you a "bit" like me???
    Once I clean and re~organize my creative space, I want to make something.
    Which of course, makes a HUGE mess!!!

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