simply spectacular calla lily and sweet peas


I was out and about in the garden today and spotted this beautiful sweet pea blooming...


Someone forgot to tell this beauty that her time to shine was in March and yet here she is in all her delicate glory. 

I tossed the seeds in this pot much later than I should have, thinking if they sprout and bloom fine but if not, then there's is always next year.

And her pot partner, Mr. Calla Lilly?  I forgot he was in there, too.  I will usually splurge on one or two beautiful color lillies in the spring and put them in a pot for a season.  For some reason they never return for me like they're supposed to.

 His time to shine was last year and yet here he is, too.

It's almost like they planned it. 
I just love an "I'll show you attitude", don't you?

Each is glorious in their own right but together...they are simply spectacular.

I'm finding the same is true of blogging.  I never thought I would find such a wonderful creative outlet at this stage of my life but here I am.  Learning new things, stretching my boundaries and discovering like minded souls to inspire me and cheer me on. 

Kindred spirits, sharing their love of beautiful things.  Alone they are quite lovely, but shared...they are simply spectacular.

Thank you for your kind and encouraging words.  You make sharing a joy!


  1. What a lovely post! The blooms are beautiful!! I, too, am finding that I love blogging. It is a wonderfully creative outlet and so nice when blogging friends encourage you on with their kind comments! Have a great day!Jina

  2. Very pretty! I planted calla lilies last year. Our winter was so cold that they didn't come back. Didn't slow me down any. :)

  3. It's the cool weather fooling those flowers.

  4. They are gorgeous together! You had some good gardening karma coming your way. We're so glad you joined our community, as we love you and your blog!

  5. How true your analogy!!! And it does bring a special joy to be surprised by something so unexpected and beautiful!
    You didn't plant it or toil over it-it just happened!
    It's a lovely post, one to brighten our day!

  6. I love sweet peas but I always forget to put my seeds out.

  7. Your words were resonating with me. Although new to blogging, I am enjoying the creative outlet it provides. Your metaphor was wonderful!

  8. Oh what a beautiful surprise! I always loved pink and yellow together. Your photos are so pretty! :)

  9. Oh how beautiful your flowers are..isn't that so neat that they are blooming. Pure JOY! xoxoxox

    Happy new week to you.

  10. That is so lovely together. You might try sowing the seeds at several different times next year and see just how long you can extend your blooms for. :)
    Cher Sunray Gardens


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